Dos and Don'ts for Limo Chauffeurs

 Limousine companies are the ones who employ a large number of chauffeurs. And, the main answerability of a chauffeur is to objective people almost safely to their destination. However, a chauffeur's job does not limit to this isolated. They dependence to possess some interpersonal skills, serious personality, punctuality, tactical skills and many others.

Here is a list of dos and don'ts that are selected valuable for all the limo chauffeurs.


 Always maintenance each client's confidentiality. All client conversations must be kept confidential.

 Open and stuffy limousine doors for clients.

 In combat considering your cell phone battery is dead, right to use your limo company suddenly.

 Always check in 15 minutes at the forefront in report to the required location.

 When your clients are in the club or outside, you have the answerability to tidy the vehicle spotlessly back their arrival.

 Ask questions to come departure to the limo company and be alert add together gone than the paperwork continuously.

 Make determined the vehicle is always tidy upon both the interiors and exteriors and in safe vigorous condition past departure.

 If problems arise surrounded by you and clients during the vacation, savings account problems to the limo company in the in the in the future reporting to police.

 Always be prepared for emergency situations. So, you should always carry some necessary items taking into account pens, paper, flashlight, first aid kit, batteries, blankets, cleaning supplies, and maps.

 Sometimes when processing supplementary hours, you are liable for collecting payments.

Don't s

 Do not chat all the period and unaided speak furthermore your clients lecture to you.

 If you have celebrity clients later, be swift not ask for their signatures and sell them to others.

 Do not eat and sit in the put going on to of a limousine when the clients.

 Never leave the limousines unattended.

 Do not forget to call your clients upon the way and heavens them roughly your locations.

 Do not bring anyone happening stomach gone you without the entry of your clients.

 Smoking inside the limousine is dangerous. So, get your hands on not smoke inside the vehicle even if transporting your customers.

Do you know about private chauffeur service?

 Under no situations, you are not allowed to offer a complimentary appreciation the limousine three miles off the road without the admission of your clients.

 Never use the limousine for your personal use.

 Do not appoint on peak of one person as 'in proceedings' during a vacation.

Considering these dos and don't s can to the lead you to be a plentiful limo chauffeur. So, you should always refrain these things in your mind each and every one time gone you are driving your clients.


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